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                                                              The Cabinet Refinishing Process:

Here's what you can expect when you work with us:

1. Consultation / Quote: Most of our quotes are given via text, email or messenger.
In order to give you an accurate quote, we will need to know how many doors and drawers you have and also see some pictures that give a full and clear view of the layout etc. of your kitchen.  If an in home consult is preferred, we can arrange that as well.
Once you have approved our quote, we will find a date that works and get your kitchen booked in! Kitchens are booked for two week time slots and you have full use of your kitchen during that time except for the two days that we will be working in your home completing the in house portion of the work. 

We can offer color recommendations based on what look you're going for and can also let you know what colors other customers have found work well in their kitchen. Lighting, flooring, countertops and wall color will all play a factor in how the color looks, so we always recommend bringing multiple samples home to see what works best in your space . Once you have your color picked, we have it professionally matched in our product.

2. Pick-Up: We will typically pick up your doors on a Monday to bring them back to the shop for prep / spraying. There is no preparation you need to do for this part - we  just come and remove the doors / drawer faces and you still have full use of your kitchen at this time.

3. In the Shop:  Your doors and drawers are thoroughly scrubbed, degreased and sanded to ensure excellent adhesion and a smooth surface to start with.  Any knicks, dents, holes etc. are filled at this time. Both the prime and finish coats are sprayed using our fine finish spray system and sanding is done between each coat. Care and attention is paid every step of the way to ensure a dust / particle free finish that has a factory smooth  look and feel.  All products we use are industrial grade and specifically designed for kitchens / wood finishing. The shop is set up with an exhaust system for dust control and we have a portable exhaust system we use when spraying in your home.

4. The In-House Portion: Once the shop portion of the work is done, we return to your home to finish the boxes. We are typically there for two days and it is during this time that you will not have use of your kitchen. There is no need to empty your cabinets as we mask off all areas that are not to be sprayed, but many people do take this opportunity to clean their cabinets out.  If appliances are able to be moved out of the area, we ask that you do this before we arrive. Counters need to be cleared and we need full access to all areas we will be working on. A tent is erected around the work area and we run a portable exhaust system to the outdoors to help control dust and odor.  Most of our products are water-based, but there are situations that may require a solvent to seal in difficult stains or tannins.  The exhaust system significantly reduces odors and most customers compare the odor to that of regular paint or even less. 

5. Re-Installation: Once the in-house portion of the process is complete, we take down the tent and do a thorough clean-up of the area . Your doors and drawers, hardware and soft close attachments (if pre ordered) are installed, and alignment can be made at this time. Once everything is back in place, your kitchen is ready to be used again! 
Please be mindful that when it comes to adjustments on older cabinets, we do not guarantee perfect alignment as warped frames or failing / outdated hinges can significantly impact our efforts. If you are aware of or have concerns about the alignment etc. of your cabinets, please be sure to let us know prior to booking so we can order replacement hinges and manage expectations accordingly. 

 5. Inspection: Upon completion, we like to do a complete walk through of the kitchen with you to ensure you're completely satisfied with the work before leaving you to enjoy your kitchen.

At Overhaul Interiors, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to making the refinishing process as easy and stress-free for our clients as possible, and are confident you will love the results!
Contact us today to get started!

Justina Robinson / Overhaul Interiors

P.O. Box 112

Harris, Saskatchewan S0L 1K0

Cell:    306-948-9822


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